Monday, August 16, 2010

Does Your Team Need a Physical?

Here is an excerpt from my latest newsletter. Hope you enjoy it.

Open Wide and Say, "Ahhhhh"

"A healthy culture is one where people know they are around a leader who will lead, who will actually take the reins, create the vision, be ahead of the pack, make the hard decisions, care about the people, and protect the mission and the goals. The people know who the leader is," says well-known author and clinical psychologist John Townsend (Master Leaders, George Barna).
True Leadership
Do people in your organization recognize you as a leader? You may have a leadership title or spot on the organizational chart, but are you truly a leader? Do people follow your lead because they have to or because they want to?
The answer to that last question will have a huge impact on your true leadership capacity - i.e. your ability to exert significant influence for lasting, positive change within your organization.
Clear, Strong Leadership
As I stated in a newsletter last year, "People want strong leadership...Strong does not mean overbearing or domineering, but rather consistent, capable and dependable."
Here are a series of questions, based on John Townsend's comments above, that are designed to help you honestly evaluate yourself. Read more...