Friday, July 3, 2009

What's Your "Capacity for Leisure?"

I usually don't post this many times in a week, but I came across a helpful insight in some of my reading earlier this morning. I am currently reading a book called, "The Healthy CEO." The subtitle says, "Taking the lead in your physical, relational and financial wellness." I have decided that my health (especially phyiscal) is one area that I have consistently neglected over the years and that it is about time it received some good attention.

As a side note, and as a compliment to my wife, one area where I scored fairly high, was quality of nutrition. I really appreciate the earnest effort she puts in to feeding our family well.

In my reading this morning there was a section on a person's "capacity for leisure." According to the auther this is simply "how often you take downtime and the quality of that downtime." He goes on to say,

"Every day involves some mental problem solving, physical work and personal engagement. To be efficient and effective in meeting these demands - and to derive pleasure from them - you need to replenish your reserves by intentionally and regularly creating an environment where these demands and stimuli are set aside temporarily."

In other words, to be the leader that my family, my business, my community needs, it is crucial that I (you too) regularly and intentionally have some good, quality downtime. For some of you that is not a problem. For those of us who are driven and for whom work always comes before fun it can be a big problem. It's a problem because, as I'm sure you have found, there's ALWAYS more work that could be done.

I am thankful that this is the 4th of July weekend. It will be a great excuse and opportunity for me to get away from some of the normal "demands and stimuli" and simply enjoy some downtime with the most important thing in my world - my family.

So, how about you? How can you get some good, qaulity downtime? How can you intentionally get those batteries recharged? How can you be consistent? Your family, your business and your community depend upon it.

Seize the day!

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