Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Training Program Launched

Yesterday I launched a new training program in cooperation with CACC called Conversational Leadership. We had 4 participants who came to Naperville, IL and 4 who were linked in via videoconference from Lima, Peru. It was an exciting beginning for me and marked the beginning of both Alliant Leadership's and CACC's experience in the international arena.

We learned three primary things about developing others as leaders: 1) Be active, level 3 listeners, 2) Ask powerful questions and 3) Gently guide them toward worthy goals.
We had a great group and we will be continuing together via teleconferences 1 hour per week for the next eight weeks. I am really looking forward to some rich interaction with these leaders and seeing them grow in their ability to develop the leaders around them.
The plan is to launch a new group each month. Additionally, I am available to bring this program to organizations who are seeking some dedicated training resources in leader development.

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