Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caring and Optimistic

This morning as I considered the landscape that leaders need to help people navigate I remembered one of my favorite stories from history. I referred to it in one of my first newsletters (see October 2008, www.alliantleadership.com/resources/resources2.html).

In 1803-1804 Lewis and Clark led the Corps of Discovery on an important and amazing journey across uncharted territory to the Pacific Ocean. They faced many life-threatening challenges and perplexing decisions along the way. One of the most amazing parts of their trip was the unswerving loyalty they received from the men of the Corps. Even at points where the whole of the Corps vehemently disagreed with Lewis and Clark they followed faithfully.

In reflecting on this Stephen Ambrose, the author of “Undaunted Courage,” points out that there were two main factors that contributed to the loyalty of the Corps.
  1. Every man in the Corps knew that Lewis and Clark cared about them and would never do anything to unnecessarily endanger them.
  2. Lewis and Clark demonstrated a consistent attitude of hopeful optimism.

I think the one that is most challenging, yet most important, for us in times like these is hopeful optimism. What type of picture of the future are you painting for those around you through the attitude that you carry each day?

I am not suggesting that we bury our heads in the sand and ignore reality. But, it is crucial that we carry ourselves with that hopeful optimism that produces positive results in those we have influence upon. Remember, as leaders we are on stage at every moment. (http://www.joedenner.blogspot.com/)

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