Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be Intentional

Today I finished up one of the Conversational Leadership programs that I have been teaching. It is an 8-week course focused on helping leaders become more effective by improving their day-to-day communication skills. We had a great group that consisted of folks from the Chicago area as well as a few people from Lima, Peru.

I asked the trainees to reflect on all that they had learned. As they shared how it would significantly change the way they lead, one thing struck me - the need to be very intentional as they moved forward.

As leaders we all need to continue improving in one area or another. And, whatever it is that we are working on will require us to be very intentional. I am not talking about merely having "good intentions." Change takes work. Change takes follow-through. It doesn't just magically happen. But, it has to start with an internal commitment to seeing it come about.

What are you being intentional about these days? What have you made an internal commitment to? Are you following through? If not, what would need to happen for your level of commitment to reach a point that would move you to action?

Don't sit back and wait for change to happen. Be a leader. Set the example. Seize the day!

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